The bilingual translation and crosschecking services provided by our localization and copywriting team allow clients to attract their intended audience. Services in other languages can be arranged depending on demand. Please inquire.

News Translation

We appreciate the unique individuality of your readership and ensure that the voice and integrity of your publication are accurately reflected in a second language. We translate a wide range of articles for print, popular apps, and other mediums.

Websites & Social media

We localize content for digital brands and social media pages, increasing impact with target demographics to maximize engagement.

Scripts & Subtitles

We localize scripts, making sure the English dialogue is attractive to overseas viewers watching major Japanese TV programs. Our dedicated team appreciates the importance of the original text, ensuring nuance and impact are preserved when adapting to rigid formats.

Travel & Tourism

Our team will increase visitor numbers by providing targeted English information highlighting the attractiveness of your business or events. We provide premium brochures and audio guides for hotels, amusement parks, museums, temples, shrines, and more.

Advertising & Sales Sheets

We create effective advertising to highlight the appeal of our clients' products and services to their target customer base, such as helping Japanese publishers attract international readership.