Speak EZ has years of experience in narration on both sides of the glass, as performers and sound engineers. We take pride in providing a high-quality product while ensuring fast, reliable correspondence. We produce content in a variety of languages and accents for news agencies and publishers with a global reach.

Narration & Voice Acting

Our voice actors use the finest equipment in acoustically optimized spaces. We produce voice-over work for popular apps, top-selling learning materials, film, TV, audiobooks, and audio guides.

Audio Editing & Restoration

We edit your recordings to ensure they are retail-ready, effective, and pleasant for target listeners. We will also repair and restore damaged audio, remove unwanted artifacts, and improve the overall quality.


Utilizing top-grade equipment and decades of engineering experience in our acoustically tuned environment, we make precise improvements to the audio, enhance overall quality, and ensure that final masters are ready for retail distribution across a wide range of formats and platforms.


We check audio and offer solutions for noise, plosives, poor pronunciation, misreads, poorly recorded audio, and editing mistakes.


We help clients create impactful audio/visual media, using our state-of-the-art equipment to edit and mix audio for TV, video, or film projects.

Basic Sound FX

We provide an all-in-one audio solution for video projects, providing high-quality folley, sound effects, and sound design for video projects.